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How to Remove Pop-up is a shady website that produces annoying pop-ups and redirects. The main goal of is to encourage its visitors to allow the push notification feature so that this website may freely send an alert to default internet program of web users.

How to Remove Yeveryfree

Yeveryfree is a doubtful browser extension that is aiming to infect widely used internet software including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. It pushes web users to utilize its own search engine. People behind this application has malevolent purposes for making Yeveryfree and the method in spreading it over the internet is somehow skeptical.

How to Remove Pop-up is an active redirect website that web users may encounter upon viewing questionable web page. It is important to note that accepting any notifications from would cause annoyances because it will trigger the continuous display intrusive pop-ups as shown in the image below.

How to Remove Clean Master

Clean Master is an extension made for  Edge and Google Chrome browsers. On its official download page, it is described as an extension that lets user conveniently  clear their browsing history. In addition, the tool is helpful in deleting cache, passwords, cookies, and other files stored on the internet browser program. Clean Master also claims …

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How to Remove UltraSearch

Browser application that reveals UltraSearch as homepage is an indication of adware infection. Presence of this browser hijacker is typically caused by malicious browser extension that was integrated into the browser through the installation of malicious freeware or shareware.

Remove LocalTech from Mac OS

LocalTech app for Mac is considered as browser hijacker because its main objective in penetrating the computer is to replace the default settings on homepage and new tab window.

How to Remove FileDisplay (Mac)

FileDisplay is an adware that can penetrate the Mac computer using deceptive techniques. For example, it can induce Mac users to download a software update via pop-up advertisements pretending as system alert.

Remove DefaultUpgrade – Mac Adware

DefaultUpgrade is another addition to the long list of adware for Mac. It is disguised as a worthy browser extension to deceive Mac users. By claiming to be an enhancement add-on for browsers like Safari or Google Chrome, adware like DefaultUpgrade was able to convinced Mac user to install the software.

KIANO Ransomware – Virus Removal

A new ransomware called KIANO is identified as variant of Nefilim, hence, there are speculation that its origin is also Nemty. KIANO ransomware may have identified this way due to same nature with variants from the said group.

Remove Qscx Ransomware (Decrypt .qscx Files)

Qscx is a deadly virus that belongs to ransomware family of Stop/DJVU. This threat is notorious in locking majority of computer user’s files by encrypting them with complex algorithmic pattern. In addition, the virus appends .qscx files extension to encrypted data.