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A malware fighter and virus hunter that also work as IT consultant specializing in computer security. She founded in 2013 to help computer users in solving virus and malware problems with ease. “No complex explanation, just straightforward malware removal.”

Remove Pop-up Ads pop-up ads are going to start flooding the browser program if web user allows the said domain to use the push notification feature. For this reason, computer security experts are suggesting to be very cautious when giving permission for the said request. Ransomware Files ransomware is a hazardous type of computer virus. It aims on denying users to their own files by applying a complex encryption technique. Once the files become unusable, the attackers behind the ransomware will take the opportunity to extort money from victims by requesting for the ransom payment.

Stop Pop-up Ads website is now part of the list that web users must avoid. If this site appears on the browser, web users should close the window and further exploring its pages is not recommended.

Remove MusicStreamSearches Hijacker

MusicStreamSearches search and homepage is part of a doubtful browser extension that can inflict unsolicited changes on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Makers of MusicStreamSearches have various delivery methods to reach target computer users.

How to Remove GlobalAsset (Mac OS)

Macintosh computer users may encounter GlobalAsset anytime because this adware is now in the wild and can be found on different channels of propagation. This suspicious browser extension is presently discovered as bundled to various freeware and shareware.

ZaToN Ransomware – Virus Removal

If the computer is infected with ZaToN ransomware, users important data will be in danger. It is because this virus was made primarily to extort money from victims and its way to execute it is to hold user’s files as hostage.

Remove LogarithmicBalance from Mac

LogarithmicBalance is classified as unusual browser extension that can initiate excessive ad display on Mac computer. Its main target is browser program especially Safari. Mac users may install LogarithmicBalance app involuntarily through freeware that suspicious websites are offering.

How to Remove Deathfiles Ransomware

Deathfiles ransomware is a dangerous computer virus that emerges from malware group with the specific file encryption task. Malware researchers identified the threat as one edition of MedusaLocker family and like the majority of its variants, Deathfiles is able to encrypt selected important files from the computers such as documents, spreadsheet, images, photos, videos, music …

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How to Remove GenerationUpdater (Mac OS)

GenerationUpdater for Mac is operating as a browser extension. As of this moment, it belongs to the category of potentially unwanted application (PUA) where the entire collection of variants is the source of security issues and browser annoyances.

Remove Pop-up Ads is a website that is under the control of cyber crooks. It is being utilized to drive web users to different questionable websites. During first visit to, it will display a message stating that it wants to show notifications.

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