CK Quinito

CKQuinito is a blogger and technology geek that specializes in computer troubleshooting and virus removal. He is active in various online technical forums, helping users that are being troubled with different computer issues.

Remove Topi Ransomware and Decrypt .topi Files

Topi ransomware is very similar to Reha, Nosu, and Kodc. These malicious software are included in DJVU ransomware family. If you are still not aware on this kind of computer threat, ransomware are the type of virus that cyber criminal are utilizing to encrypt files on target computer.

Remove Redirects

Many developers are creating websites, which provides inconvenience and invaluable purpose to web users. The best example of this kind of website is the This websites’ main purpose is to tempt the users to allow notifications and let it display message box in your web browser.

Remove Redirects

Many people are very fond of surfing in the internet and as we keep on searching, we are going through different websites. There are some instances that while we are on a certain website, there is always a pop up that when clicked, it get us redirected to another web page.

Remove Kodc Ransomware (Decrypt .kodc Files)

Kodc is a type of ransomware discovered by Demonslay335. This type is the updated version of Redl, Piny, and Nbes. Kodc was developed to rename files and issues a ransom note to the victimized users.

How to remove SearchGenie

Browser hijackers are undesirable programs that negatively affect internet software like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is spreading and spying our browsers without our knowledge or consent. Online users considered this as the computer virus. You may notice some changes in the browsers once we installed a browser hijacker.