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Remove Go Unzip Toolbar

Go Unzip is a toolbar, new tab, and malicious browser extension. It claims to give user quick access to its file compression features without leaving the browser. Users usually acquire this program from third-party applications like freeware, and shareware. It is bundled to free programs and sometimes offered as added app to install. Read more »

How to Remove Privacy Switch

Privacy Switch is deemed as adware that was made compatible with Google Chrome browser. Its official website endorsed this tool as an extension that blocks any tracking programs from your online searches. Privacy Switch also claims to use top of the line encryption method to keep your search results safe and private. Read more »

Remove WebShields (WShields)

WebShields is an ad-supported program that allegedly gives you security and privacy while browsing the internet. It works compatibly on Google Chrome browser. Aside from providing unwanted new tab, WebShields also controls your default search engine and assigns an unknown one. Read more »

Remove Play Search Now (Mac OS X and Safari Guide)

Play Search Now is an adware that targets Macintosh-based system. It claims to enhance online search by giving user the most relevant results, better than most search engines. Play Search Now may appear like a worthy tool, however, people may begin to disappoint when it begins to flood the browser with a number of advertisements causing surfing to be sluggish. Read more »

Remove Iadah Toolbar

Iadah Toolbar is deemed as adware that gains access on the computer by embedding itself to freeware and shareware. User naturally install this program without having the whole idea of its function. Read more »

Remove File Finder (Uninstall Guide)

File Finder is an unacceptable computer tool presently promoted to help user find and download millions of different files. It is deemed as invasive type of software that may be installed on the computer without user’s full knowledge. This kind of malware is spreading on thousand of computers worldwide through Internet connection. Read more »

Remove SurfBuyer Adware (Mac OS X)

SurfBuyer is a Macintosh OS X based PUP that produces excessive pop-up advertisements. It claims to give users easy access to usable coupon codes, savings, discounts, and other online deals. At first glance, user will find SurfBuyer very useful. Read more »

Remove Search Privacy Adware

Search Privacy extension that was specifically made for Google Chrome browser is currently deemed as part of Adware group. It was noticed that this program typically arrived on the computer together with certain adware and PUP’s. Read more »

Remove FullTab Adware

FullTab is endorsed as Google Chrome extension that is fully functional to quickly find movies, TV shows, and social media contents online. It is also titled as FullTab Direct Search or FullTab DS when fully installed as Toolbar and New tab on Chrome browser. Read more »

Remove Television Ace

Television Ace is categorized as potentially unwanted program (PUP). It can sneak into the computer without asking for user’s permission. Normally, this adware is bundled to shareware that you may download from servers. While loading such program, Television Ace and other adware may get installed on the computer without a notice. Read more »