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Remove Videodownloadtabsearch.com Hijacker

Videodownloadtabsearch.com is a browser hijacker that brings security risks when installed on the computer. This adware aims on replacing the home page with a questionable search tool. When Videodownloadtabsearch.com appears on home page or new tab of your browser program, it only denotes that it is under the control of adware. Read more »

Remove Radiotabsearch.com Hijacker

Radiotabsearch.com is a browser redirect adware that takes the place of home page on internet browser program. It can be installed on Google Chrome without the authority of computer owner. This adware may emerge as a default start-up page and pretends to be a normal search engine page. Read more »

How to Remove MyVideoDownloadTab

MyVideoDownloadTab is an ad-supported program claiming to give you easy access to free services for downloading videos and movies. For this reason, many computer users are enticed to obtain this tool. Read more »

Remove Clearsearches.com Hijacker

If browser hijacker Clearsearches.com is residing on home page or new tab of your browser, we can only assume that computer is compromised with Adware. This infection can be blame to recent installation of inferior program with an attached adware. Read more »

Remove UPortal Search (Greenet.xyz)

UPortal Search, with address at Greenet.xyz, is a browser hijacker that often replaces search engine on the affected browser. It can be installed on random browser program without taking approval from user or computer owner. Read more »

Remove Search.viewsearch.net (View Search)

Search.viewsearch.net is a search tool that overrides home page of browser running on Mac system. It may have come from recent freeware installation where it is bundled as add-on. There are also instances that user may acquire this adware from another potentially unwanted program that was made specifically to spread Search.viewsearch.net. Read more »

Remove Fasttoaccess.com Hijacker

If Fasttoaccess.com took over home page and new tab on your browser, we can assume that adware is present on the computer. This also means that adware is taking control of your browser that leads to modification of home page and search engine. Read more »

Remove Search.gogetsport.com Hijacker

Search.gogetsport.com is capable of replacing the home page and default search engine on Google Chrome browser. Currently, there is no code that may affect other browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. On affected browser, Search.gogetsport.com will emerge as default home page like most search page. Read more »

Remove Home.getpokedex.com (PokeDex Search)

Home.getpokedex.com or PokeDex Search is a not a typical home page hijacker. It was customized to search the web for your favorite Pokemon characters. Home.getpokedex.com however is slightly comparable to home page hijacker. It can override start-up page and new tab on Google Chrome browser. Read more »

How to Remove Search-armor.com

Search-armor.com is a home page hijacker that may inject malicious code into Google Chrome browser. So far, we can conclude that this adware was made specifically for this browser. Obviously, it is utilizing valid search engine as Bing, but, this doesn’t mean that searching the web with Search-armor.com is safe and secure. Read more »