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Remove SaleBuilder Adware

Having SaleBuilder on your PC is not advisable since this program was dubbed as adware. It injects ads into the browser which in return will generate profit for the adware makers. Read more »

Remove Sporttvstream.info

Sporttvstream.info is a video streaming web site that offers live sports broadcast. Whether this site is involved in piracy or not is not what we are going to cover here. As a security web site, we are task to dig into Sporttvstream.info legality for soliciting payment to become a member and view movies on their site. Read more »

Remove i-Deals adware

i-Deals is dubbed as potentially unwanted program that serves a number of advertisements when installed on the computer. In some instances, the adware also provides search hijacker, inline text, banners, pop-up ads, and drop-down ads. Read more »

Remove Download Keeper Ads

Download Keeper is dubbed as an adware that arrives on the computer packed to another program. It is normally bundled to freeware or trialware that user may acquire from several web sites. When Download Keeper Engine is installed, it will issue various ads, coupons and savings. This is also the main reason why the program was categorized as adware. Read more »

Remove DeleteAd Malware

DeleteAd is an adware program that infiltrate the computer by means of third-party program. This kind of software was made to generate revenue for its authors. DeleteAd offers ad blocking function to users but what you may get are unwanted advertisements. Read more »

Remove Iron Shield Antivirus (Iron Shield AV Removal)

Iron Shield Antivirus is an unacceptable security program that every user wishes get rid from the PC. It is deemed as invasive type of software that may be installed on the computer without user’s full knowledge. This kind of malware is spreading on thousand of computers worldwide through Internet connection. Read more »

Remove 5star AdBlock

5star AdBlock is a program that is endorsed as a tool to stop annoying pop-up ads from your computer. The program states that your system will be free from unwanted pop-up advertisements if it was installed. Read more »

Remove AutoCouponMaker ads

AutoCouponMaker aims for generate profit by injecting ads on the context of a web page. To accomplish this, this adware needs to integrate add-on or extension into browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »

Remove Detectmypcerrors.com Pop-up

Detectmypcerrors.com pop-up is a small program that is integrated into the system to be able to promote computer assistance service via phone number 844-802-2085. You may get this program by downloading and installing shareware applications or fake software update. By packing Detectmypcerrors.com applet into other software, developers are hoping to spread the service fast and easy. Read more »

Remove Ads by Youtubegizmos

Ads by Youtubegizmos appearing on top of Google’s search result are based on adware program that has sole intention of gaining profit over the Internet. It is installed as add-on or extension to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. On Internet Explorer, Youtubegizmos adware starts as Browser Helper Object which is quite difficult to stop once it starts running. Read more »