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Remove BrowserSafeguard

BrowserSafeguard is endorsed as browser protection software. However, most computer users who have installed this program deemed it as some kind of adware or virus. It is because BrowserSafeguard may load unwanted programs into the PC including adware like Rockettab. Read more »

Remove Ads by Rockettab

“Ads by Rockettab” will appear on your browser if PC is compromised with potentially unwanted program. This ad-driven extension is considered as adware program that has sole intention of gaining profit over the Internet. It is installed as browser helper object (BHO) to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. On Internet Explorer, Rockettab adware starts to run at once and is quite difficult to stop once it starts to show up. Read more »

Remove better-search.net

When browser, especially your home page keeps on redirecting to better-search.net, it simply indicates that computer is compromised with adware. This home page hijacker may be a cause of potentially unwanted program made by Perion Network Ltd. Read more »

Remove Hoist Search (hoistsearch.com)

Hoist Search is a redirect adware that can take over the home page or new tab of affected browser program. Having this on the computer only denotes that adware may have gain control on the computer. This browser hijacking thing aims to replace your search engine with its own due to ads display in their search results. Read more »

Remove “Ads by MySafeProxy”

Ads by MySafeProxy may appear at the top portion of search result and other parts of the browser. This adware has sole intention of gaining profit over the Internet. It is installed as add-on or extension to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. On Internet Explorer, MySafeProxy adware starts as Browser Helper Object which is quite difficult to stop once it starts running. Read more »

Remove Websearch.searchandfly.info Hijacker

Websearch.searchandfly.info is a web address that will be set as default start-up page on browser affected with an adware or potentially unwanted program. Normally, adware is injecting a code into the browser known as extension, add-on, or plug-in. Read more »

Remove SweetCoupon adware

SweetCoupon is an adware will inject advertisements and other promotions on your browser. It mainly affects popular programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Read more »

How to remove SwiftCoupon

Having the SwiftCoupon on the PC is not good to the system. You must know that this program was dubbed as potentially unwanted program (PUP). The main purpose of SwiftCoupon is to earn revenue by showing excessive ads, deals, and other online offers. Read more »

Remove UniCoupon

UniCoupon is another potentially unwanted program that aims to display advertisements on the affected browser. Its extension or add-on will inject ads on the context of a web page. It is clear that the main purpose of this potentially unwanted program is to deliver banners, inline text, and other sorts of advertisements to monetize its presence. Read more »

Remove AllSaver

Another addition to the list of ad-driven browser extension is called AllSaver. This will come as part of InstalleRex and gets installed on the PC without taking full consent of the user. AllSaver adware is distributed by means of assorted potentially unwanted program. Read more »