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Remove Tv.searchalgo.com

If Tv.searchalgo.com occupies start-up page, home page, or new tab of your browser, there is a reason to believe that adware may have infected the computer. This invasion can be traced to installation of shareware, freeware, or third-party application. Read more »

Remove Search.giantsender.com (Mac OS X)

Search.giantsender.com or also known as Home.giantsender.com is a shady search engine that can be obtained through adware or malware infection. It is also promoted by several potentially unwanted program and freeware made to spread this type of adware. Read more »

Remove Isearch.nation.com Hijacker

Its official web site reveals that Isearch.nation.com is a legitimate homepage and search engine that enhances you web browsing experience by improving the outcome of online search results. Like known search engine as Google and Bing, Isearch.nation.com employs simple and clean user interface. Therefore, many computer users are deceived with this unwanted search engine. Read more »

Remove DiscoverLiveRadio Homepage

DiscoverLiveRadio homepage and search engine is part of an adware that operates on popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is can only be active on the computer if Extension is integrated into the browser. Thus, adware makers are devising various techniques to load DiscoverLiveRadio extension into the computer. One of the schemes is through software bundles. Without user’s awareness, installing various freeware may lead to the infection of this adware. Read more »

Uninstall Secure PC Tuneup (Removal Guide)

Secure PC Tuneup is marketed as Windows registry cleaner. Actually, it is advertised as the best one that improves PC’s performance by effectively removing all registry errors. At first glance, user may see Secure PC Tuneup as a useful tool. However, when it begins to scan the system and provides numerous errors and troubles without giving exact details, one may doubt its legitimacy. Read more »

Remove Discover Live Radio Toolbar

Discover Live Radio toolbar is a potentially unwanted program that came from a group of Adware. It is a browser extension that asserts to give user an access to over 1000 online radio stations. In addition to these feature, Discover Live Radio is capable of letting user to easily search the web for Lyrics, Soundtracks, Pop quizzes, and more. All of these can be access quickly via own toolbar. Read more »

Remove Search.ydserp.com

Search.ydserp.com is a browser hijacker that often replaces search engine on the affected browser. It can be installed on random browser program without taking approval from user or computer owner. Read more »