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Remove Search Manager from Google Chrome

Search Manager is an ad-supported program that allegedly allows you to manage all online search providers in one place. It works on new tab window of Google Chrome. Aside from providing unwanted new tab, Search Manager also controls your default search engine and assigns an unknown one. Read more »

Remove DailyBee (Ads by Daily Bee)

DailyBee is an ad-supported program promoted to help you access Wikipedia contents straight from your own desktop. This only means that it was tailored mainly to gain online profit. Normally, advertisements issued by DailyBee are usually targeted based on gathered data from computer users. Read more »

Get rid of My Web Shield

To browse the web more securely is how My Web Shield charms many computer users. Thus, a number of them were tricked into downloading and using this tool. In contrary, computer security experts state that My Web Shield is one program that you should avoid. Read more »

How to Remove Searchqq.com

Searchqq.com is a home page hijacker that also changes default search engine on the affected browser. This adware can be loaded on random browser program without asking for users approval. Read more »

Remove FullSearching.com Hijacker

Fullsearching.com is a potential computer threat. It is classed as browser hijacker that can be installed on the computer as extension. This adware enters the computer with the help of doubtful freeware or shareware. Read more »

Remove Home.prontofileconverter.com (Mac OS X)

Home page redirecting to Home.prontofileconverter.com is definitely cause by adware infection. It utilizes unknown search engine that can be risky on the computer. This unwanted program can take over and manipulates start-up page and new tab configuration. Read more »

Remove Home.convertpdfpronto.com from Mac

Home.convertpdfpronto.com is a redirect adware that can take over the home page or new tab of Safari and Google Chrome browser. Having this on the computer only denotes that adware may have gain control on the computer. This browser hijacking thing aims to replace your search engine with its own due to ads display in their search results. Read more »

Remove Home.prontovideoconverter.com (Mac OS X)

Home.prontovideoconverter.com is a typical home page hijacker that uses unknown search engine. It can override start-up page and new tab on Safari and Google Chrome browser. If you have Home.prontovideoconverter.com Mac OS X system, it only indicates that potentially unwanted program is taking command on your browser settings. Read more »